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Business Networking in Colchester

Why would you want to be involved?

We are a group of well connected, ambitious local business owners who meet in Colchester every week.

We work to support each other’s businesses, on the principle of givers gain which basically means, when I refer business to you, you will want to refer business to me. This is a VERY successful strategy and many of our members obtain the majority of their business from their membership with BNI.

We welcome visitors! Come along and see how we are able to refer business to each other and why we are such a successful group. As long as your business isn’t already represented by a member (see below) you are very welcome.

We meet at Playgolf in Colchester at 6.30am every Tuesday morning. Meeting fee is £15 and includes breakfast.

Yes it is early but there is a very good reason why we get up on a Tuesday morning. Come and find out why.

  • Average of 20 businesses in the room increasing all of the time.
  • You will make valuable connections on your first visit.
  • If you are accepted to join, you lock out all of your competition. We only allow one plumber, electrician, printer etc. in the room.
  • Our primary focus is to act as an extended sales force for one another’s businesses, helping to generate new sales leads at every opportunity
  • We do follow an agenda and a culture which is the difference between other networking groups and the BNI which is THE most successful and longest running networking organisation in the World today!
  • BNI membership is the most cost effective way of marketing your business there is.
  • BNI membership is the most effective way to grow your business locally bar none!

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Please contact us if you are based in or near Colchester and you fancy growing your business the easiest way!


Playgolf Colchester
Bakers Lane

Meeting every Tuesday morning at 6.30am

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